About us

Here at Imprinti the main goal is to bring a little piece of Slovenia to you. 

Slovenia is appealing because of its diversity, smallness and uniqueness. It inspired us to build this online platform where you can buy different posters which present breathtaking places of Slovenia. 

This is the most affordable and easy way to reinvigorate your home or any space you spend a lot of time in. All you need to do is select your favourite poster and find a wall to put it on. The best thing here is that you can always add more to your collection and keep redecorating your space. 

Second best thing is… you can give it as a gift.  

When you make a purchase in our online store, you support many talented photography enthusiasts. 

Why shop at Imprinti?

You will:

  • have a chance to decorate your space with unique creations
  • get to know Slovenia even better
  • always have an idea for a gift
  • support talented artists 
  • have fun just by scrolling down the page and picking your favourite piece