Jurij Pelc

Jurij Pelc is an unusual mix of someone who adores the numbers and at the same time possesses an unremitting desire to create, whether it be the creation of products, adventures or new relationships. Loves sports, but recently his passion has become all that is related to the photography, special drone photography.

His eye is attracted by unspoiled nature, especially one that at first glance seems completely regular. His aim is to create stories through the prism of a drone. Stories that encourage people to think about the relationship we have with nature. He is training his imagination to forget about boundaries. 

His main focus is to visit and shoot as many as possible less known places in Slovenia. Through photography he learned how little he actually knows his own country, so he still find himself admiring every little piece Slovenia has to offer. Love for Photographs from the bird’s eye view was born years ago he says. It reveals the views and details that are often clogged from the ground. Re-discovering the already known and constant curiosity, the urge to discover the unknown gives us the greatest power accordingly to Jurij. We just have to allow it to come to us.